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Isla's Nature AdventureVideos

Take a journey with Isla "Nature Treasure Hunter" as she sets out on her adventures to discover and celebrate all of nature's beautiful creations  There is so much life around us that we do not take notice and each one has a unique story to tell.  Whether it's in her backyard, a bike, car or plane ride away, as long as it is a part of nature it's worth a second look.  Experience all the magic of her nature discoveries.


Osa Peninsula boost 2.5% of the world's species squeezed into a tiny stretch of land 35 x 20 miles.  It is located in the southern end of Costa Rica's pacific coast in the Puntarenas province, a place National Geographic dubbed “the most biologically intense place on earth”.  We spent closed to two weeks off the beaten path capturing in our videos all the raw beauty and biodiversity we came across. 

Bizarre Tide Pool Sea Creatures in Costa Rica
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Bizarre Tide Pool Sea Creatures

In the rocky areas between ocean and land are an abundance of sea creatures that thrive within this tidal flux.  As the water recedes, the secret lives of these bizarre marine species are revealed, often overlooked, but equally important to the ecosystem.