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Nature Treasure Hunter is a platform to showcase all the amazing beauty in this world.  We hope to share, in our videos and blogs, a closer perspective and better appreciation for our environment and all the inhabitants that depend on us to keep it that way.  Let's not let them down.   


Nature Treasure Hunter is a team effort.  Meet everyone involved in making our videos and blogs so awesome.


Isla   . . .    Nature Treasure Hunter

Nature and wildlife has been my passion since a very young age. I was never scared of insects and animals but found them fascinating and beautiful.  I started filming my nature collection of cicada sheddings, horse shoe crabs, bird nests and shells at 6 years old because I wanted to share my knowledge and love for them.  When I ran out of things to film, I started filming what I found in my neighborhood and backyard.  Now I travel to remote places documenting all the incredible wildlife I come across celebrating their existence and freedom in the wild.


CoCo   . . .    Isla's Cousin

Coco is often seen with Isla on her trips around the world.  A fellow nature lover and fan of chocolate desserts, Coco mostly enjoys spending time with her cousin.  She is also brave enough to handle anything her cousin passes along her way, a true nature treasure hunter in training. 


Anna   . . .    Isla's Mom

Isla's mom who does everything from producing the videos, photographs, blogs to updating social media content.  She draws the line when it comes to handling the wildlife and commentary.  A travel expert with many locations under her belt, check out her travels on instagram @myimooi




Nature Adventure


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