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Take a journey with Isla "Nature Treasure Hunter" as she sets out on her adventures to discover and celebrate all of nature's beautiful creations  There is so much life around us that we do not take notice and each one has a unique story to tell.  Whether it's in her backyard, a bike, car or plane ride away, as long as it is a part of nature it's worth a second look.  Experience all the magic of her nature discoveries.


Southwest Florida offers a variety of habitats from gulf beaches to mangrove tunnels and wetlands supporting a diverse group of plants and wildlife.  The white sandy beaches are ideal nesting grounds for a variety of birds and sea turtles while the clam turquoise blue Gulf waters supports an abundance of marine life.  For the shell collectors, these barrier beaches are a good chance to find some of the rarest prizes.  

Cayo Costa State Park Shelling

Along the Gulf of Mexico, Cayo Costa is one of the largest barrier islands in Florida.  Accessible only by boat, the nine miles of undeveloped shoreline is prime real estate for shelling.  In a short two hours, we gathered 18 types of sea shells from these secluded beaches, easily the best shelling experience ever! 

Anna Maria Island Beachcombing

Anna Maria Island is a laid back barrier island with seven mile strip of white sand beach.  During low tide, the abundance of marine life are visible in the shallow calm waters.  A sunset stroll after dinner at City Pier turned out to be full of surprises.  

Egmont Key Gopher Tortoise

Egmont Key State Park is a secluded island primarily a wildlife refuge and bird santuary at the mouth of Tampa Bay. It is home to a myriad of seabirds and Gopher Tortoise, one of the 4 terrestrial turtles in North America.  With no natural predators, these tortoise have thrived and weren't camera shy!




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