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Bloody Nose Beetle - Nature Treasure Hunter

Bloody - Nose Beetle

The bloody-nosed beetle is a flightless, black beetle with a bluish sheen and found in southern and Central Europe. The name derives from its unusual defense mechanism: when threatened, it secretes a distasteful blood-red liquid from its mouth. They feed on bedstraw plants and can be found on grassland and heathland, and along hedgerows.  Watch him in action.

Location: Liguria, Italy

Discrete Chaperon - Nature Treasure Hunter

Discrete Chaperon

Discrete Chaperon can be found in southern Europe from the Iberian Peninsula to Greece and in western North Africa. The forewings usually may be milky white or pinkish, with a pattern of black triangular patches.


Location: Liguria, Italy

Italian Wall Lizard - Nature Treasure Hunter

Italian Wall Lizard

Italian Wall Lizard is native to the Mediterranean basin, particularly the Italian Peninsula. It is a habitat generalist and can be found in a wide variety of ecosystems. Generally, it prefers structurally complex habitats with lush grasses and shrubs.


Location: Liguria, Italy

Cylindroiulus londinensis millipede - Nature Treasure Hunter

Portuguese Black Millipede

Portugues Black Millipede are native to southern Iberian Peninsula but have spread to Atlantic islands, South Africa and Australia.   When startled, they will curl up into a tight spiral or try to escape with thrashing, snake-like movements. They are herbivorous and measure between 20–45 mm long.  They are not poisonous and do not bite but to defend themselves, they will secrete a pungent smell to ward off predators.  

Location: Liguria, Italy




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