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Flying Lemurs Do Not Fly and Are Not Lemurs

Flying Lemur in Langkawi, Malaysia. Nature Treasure Hunter.
Fly Lemur in Langkawi, Malaysia

Come dinner time, flying lemurs in Langkawi, Malaysia emerge to forage in tree tops. These nocturnal animals cannot fly and they are not lemurs. They are actually Colugos

and their closet relative is the primate. What seems like flying is actually them gliding from tree to tree. If they miss their target on the tree and fall to the ground, they will have a hard time moving around because they are not equipped to crawl or climb. To move upwards on the tree, they hop slowly gripping on to the bark with their small sharp claws. Found in tropical forest in Southeast Asia, they are herbivores and enjoy a regular diet of leaves, flowers, sap, shoot and fruit. Watch video below to see them glide from tree to tree.

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